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See you at Ohayocon 2019!

Ohio Kimono is excited to return to Ohayocon 2019 with our LARGEST booth EVER! Since 2009 we have been dedicated to educating and sharing our passion for traditional Japanese kimono and culture with others. Kimono prices start at only $20, and most are under $70! Our online store:

We offer: accurate sizing, honest feedback, culturally respectful traditional dressings, an extensive knowledge about kimono, and a full range of kimono dressing accessories. In addition to real kimono, we offer a selection of: brand new hakama, obi in different styles, tabi socks, geta, haori, juban, and kimono dressing accessories such as koshihimo, and makura. Our kimono are suitable for all genders, and ages.

Our kimono dressings are culturally respectful and observe Japanese traditions and standards. We are an LGBTQ+ safe space, and welcome everyone as who they are. We will be happy to accommodate the needs of our different customers and have years of experience in supporting the trans community.

Every show we take a % of our profits and donate it to a charity. For Ohayocon 2019 we will be going to a low-income inner-city Toledo school, and paying off the lunch debt of elementary school children in need. Thank you in advance for your generous support, and for helping us to help children in need.

Kimono Dealer Ohayocon

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