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RESTOCK: Kitsuke Dressing Tools For Kimono

Regardless of the gender of your kimono, or even the formality of the Japanese kimono you are wearing, you will need kimono dressing accessories to wear that Japanese kimono in a traditional style. There are a good many hidden dressing accessories that go into wearing a kimono in a traditional manner, many of which are never seen by anyone because they are hidden under the layers of the kimono.

Even better, many of our kitsuke dressing aides are BRAND NEW DIRECT FROM JAPAN. We get our dressing parts factory direct, with no middle men. This means we have great prices on our selection, and top-shelf brand new quality, with unrivaled USA shipping time.

We just restocked our himo (new and vintage), obi-ita, makura, and more!

Himo are used to actually tie and hold kimono on a body. Many people have a misunderstanding that an obi holding a kimono on a person's body, but obi do not. Obi are mostly decorative in nature and do not hold kimono on. Without himo it is not going to be possible to dress in many traditional styles with your Japanese kimono. Our vintage himo start at as low as $6 each, and are a great pick up! Most kimono kits have 2 to 3 himo per person. We also offer extra long himo for plus-size figures.

Obi-ita are a stiffener slid behind the obi out of sight, worn across the belly to give your obi a nice smooth look when worn.

A Makura is used for tying nagoya, fukuro, and maru obi in traditional styles. Makura not only give your obi definition and better form, but they also are another part of the support structure to help keep your obi looking neat and clean while worn. Makura come in different styles and shapes, yet all serve pretty much the same purpose.

You can shop for your kimono dressing accessories online at:


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