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Selling Kimono At The Michigan RenFest!

We are excited to be an official vendor of the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend! This particular Festival is located in Holly, Michigan and is one of the larger RenFests in the nation. We are a part of a theme weekend 'Wonders Of The World' have have the pleasure and honor of being their first ever kimono dealer at the Festival! We plan on having a large selection of Japanese kimono with us for sale, kimono that are suitable for all genders and ages. In addition to selling kimono this weekend we will have with us a full selection of obi, haori, hakama, kanzashi, koi nobori, tabi socks, and other Japanese goods for sale! Look for our black tent with the koi nobori hanging from the awning! If you can't find our black tent, just look for the Golden Samurai! If you stop by while wearing a kimono we will honor our 5% off loyal customer award to you this weekend! Kimono purchases also include a traditional kimono dressing that conforms to most kitsuke standards. See you at the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend! Event website:

Authentic Japanese Kimono

Ohio Kimono sells authentic Japanese kimono online. Ohio Kimono also sells real kimono at festivals all over the USA.

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