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Kimono Theme Introduction: Hakata

The hakata design is fairly wide spread, and found commonly on obi and date jime worn by any gender as casual attire. The hakata design is made up of Buddhist tools, and the colors used commonly are focused around the 5 virtues. The most common color combination is black and white. This design is multi-seasonal, and can be worn by any gender.

Color Meaning

  • Purple - Righteousness

  • Green - Benevolence

  • Red (also pink) - Propriety

  • Yellow - Trust

  • Blue - Wisdom

​Here are a few examples of hakata obi we have in stock or have sold in the past in our online kimono store. We have a wide selection of hakata attire for sale in our online kimono store.

Japanese Obi For Kimono

Obi For Kimono

Obi For Kimono