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Change To Our Shipping Policy

As our online kimono store has grown and we take on more shows to sell at, we are struggling to find a rhythm for shipping our online kimono orders. When our online kimono store was much smaller, many purchases shipped same day from our warehouse. However our business has since grown to a point that we can no longer operate in this manner.

All too often we were unable to ship on a Monday, Saturday, or Friday due to being at shows. For us shipping was increasingly becoming chaotic, and for us increasingly expensive due to the scattered time table approach for shipping. That being said, one of the most common compliments we get from our customers is how fast we ship, and everything arrives in the mail. We are still committed to offering fast and professional service.

  • We now package online orders and ship them on: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We do not ship on US Federal holidays, due to the USPS being closed.

  • Rush Orders: We can still take them, as long as we are not currently at a show. Orders placed during a show will be followed up on, and a refund potentially offered.

  • Shipping Location & Time: We ship all orders out of NW Ohio, meaning that most orders within the USA arrive in 2 to 4 business days on average.

This change in our shipping policy is due to our growing success, which has been made possible by amazing customers. We are a small family business, and continue to be humbled with how great our customers are. Thank you so much for understanding the change in our shipping policy. That being said, we can still be contacted 24/7 and will continue to make an effort to be engaged with all online kimono sales. We are here for your questions :) If you have not checked, this week we have added 30+ new listings to our online kimono store: kimono, obi, haori, and more! Many of which are antique textiles and works of art!