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Over 600+ new Japanese kimono!

Our website has been busy, and buzzing with activity. The behind the scenes of our company is equally busy, as we attend to our customers individual needs and every order. With so much activity it is easy to miss how much work there still is left to do. Today we took a quick stock and tally of the kimono inventory waiting to be added to our online kimono store. Guess how many Japanese kimono are waiting to be added to our online kimono store? Over 600 kimono! We have 40+ obi, and 70+ haori waiting as well. WOW! We are pushing hard to add many of these to our website, to get them up online in time for the holiday season. This week we added 25 kimono to the site, and next week we are pushing to hit at least 50 Japanese kimono added to the site if not more. Be certain to explore our online kimono store to discover the new stock we have added to the site!

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